“Hey! Don’t look at him, look at me! I’m the law here! Law is the only thing keeping this city together. Seems to me like we need some kinda...agreement, if you’re going to set up SHOP in my district. You wear the Prince’s symbol and you need to do the job, same as we do. Do you intend to stay, helping to clean up, enforcing the law?” -Captain Zorj

Captain Zorj is the commander of the Knights of the Word, the administrators of the Collingshill district of Capital.

According to his lieutenant, Winchester Spendthrift, Zorj views law enforcement as a bloody task to be worthy of an epic dwarven tale.

The Sun Elf Incident[]

Zorj and his lieutenant, Winchester Spendthrift, reported to the scene of a massive disturbance where a black dragon and a massive mold had wreaked havoc in the neighborhood. There he encountered the Chain of Acheron, who had already dealt with the dragon, and the Sun Elf who caused the disturbance, and were helping the other Knights of the Word who reported to deal with the mold.

Zorj was surprised when the Chain informed him that they were Knights of the Prince, and demanded to see their seals as proof. When presented with them he still harbored some doubt, feeling he'd have heard of such a group of the Prince's knights, but could not deny the authenticity of their seals.

Zorj informed the Chain that he appreciated their assistance, but was disappointed that it wasn't one of his own men to actually slay the Sun Elf. Zorj askes the Chain what they’re doing as Knights of the Prince if they’re not members of any of the district administrations. King replies they want to unify the prince’s forces to preserve his lands. Zorj is impressed with their sense of civic duty.

Arrest of Members of the Chain[]

Zorj's knights later arrested five rank and file members of the Chain for getting into a scuffle with some men loyal to House Alvaro. Instead of pursuing the full measure of the law against them, however, he released them with a slap on the wrist.

Threatened by Lady Czorgan[]

A few days after first meeting The Chain, Zorj tracks them down at the Dancing Minstrel Inn and questions them about their intentions and actions in the city, warning them that as the Prince's men he expects them to help keep the Prince's peace.

The meeting is interrupted when Lady Czorgan enters the bar and demands that he find and hand over the Rod of Count Rodar von Glauer within one day or she will burn out his brain. Zorj, uncowed, barks back a demand to the death knight, demanding to know who she presumes to be to speak to the Prince's knight in such a way. The knight ignores Zorj's bluster, merely reminding him of the timeline and then vanishing.