Let's make a dungeon! Just a quick, five-encounter Tomb, nothing fancy.

Your First Adventure is the first episode to the Running the Game series. It aired on February 21th, 2016.


Matt Colville goes through the process of creating an adventure from scratch that any new Dungeon Master will be able to run in a single night, to help encourage more people to try out being a Dungeon Master. He breaks this down into three categories.


Matt suggests that for your first adventure, run it for about 3 or 4 players.


In the description of the video, Matt supplied the free basic rules for fifth edition, as well as 16 pre-generated character sheets, so neither the Dungeon Master nor the players need to learn the process of creating a character for their first night. He covers creating characters - especially from the DM's point of view - in more detail in the fourth episode, Making Characters.


Following the tradition from the 1970s on how adventures were created, Matt creates a dungeon using Dungeonographer, called The Delian Tomb. The dungeon has five encounters found within the adventure and goes on to explain what an "encounter" is, giving some examples of encounters from popular movies. After spending about five minutes creating the dungeon, Matt goes on to explain how to set up the context of the adventure, why the characters are at the tomb in the first place. This is explained in more detail in his second video, Your First Session.