Xanxarite is the gnomish city of the Svirfneblin, found in the World Below.


The city of Xanxarite is often the target of many creatures of the World Below, so the deep gnomes constantly need to defend their city with illusions. Despite this, the city is always in ruin.

Allies with the Lady of Brass[]

With the Chain of Acheron as her private army, the Lady of Brass travelled across the timescape to aid the deep gnomes in defending Xanarite.

The Shadow Dragon[]

A shadow dragon made nest over Xanarite's cemetery, and kills any deep gnomes sent to deal with the problem. Because of this, they cannot desecrate their dead to supply their mushrooms, leading to a shortage of oxygen at Xanarite.

Later the Shield of Gravesford and the Revenant Vow meet up with the queen of Xanarite, as Korrigan believes these adventuring parties are worthy and the parties need her aid. She decides to restores Bhaltair's intelligence and requests that they defeat the shadow dragon before she helps them more.

Defeating the shadow dragon and his shadow minions, the party comes across a female wizard called Diriinka, who has been stuck in this forest because she couldn't penerate the illusions of Xanarite. Fulfilling her request, the queen of Xanarite resurrects Sir Razalaxx (allowing the Revenant Vow to return to the Mundane World) and gives the Shield of Gravesford a map to the City of the Glass Pool and permits them to wander around Xanarite without needing to sneak around.

Assault from the Drow[]

After the Shield of Gravesford finish taking care of a troll camp, they return to Xanarite to rest, but are later ambushed by drow assassins and a Mindwitness.

Behind the Scenes[]

In the adventure Night Below, there was a gnomish city designed to allow players to rest and gain experience. However, when reading about the city, Matt quickly got bored and instead used the gnomish city from the adventure Out of the Abyss, Blingdenstone, but Matt changed the name to Xanarite because "the gnomes don't have their city named after Bling".