Nekodemus wielding Wound

Wound is a magical greataxe and the signature weapon of Nekodemus, the Baron of Rend.


Wound first appears in the universe of the Chain in possession of Bonebreaker Dorokor. When the Shield of Gravesford broke into Broken Spire Keep in search for Graves' friends and an entrance to the World Below, Graves uses his warlock powers to convince an orc scout that he needed to report to his boss immediately. The orc fell to the deception, but Bonebreaker Dorokor - who is aware that there are intruders - realized that the Shield of Gravesford were the ones who tricked the orc. With Wound, he and the rest of the Broken Skull Orcs charged into battle with the Shield of Gravesford.

After Bonebreaker Dorokor was slain, Nekodemus claimed the greataxe as his new weapon, and has kept the weapon ever since. Later on, during the Siege of Castle Rend, Nekodemus learned that Wound was the sister weapon to Shieldbreaker, Lord Saxton's mace.

Wound was last seen with Nekodemus when the Chain of Acheron agreed to Kenway Dalrath's Contract.


Wound is a magical greataxe that (presumably) requires attunement to use. When wielded, the greataxe has a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls and will perform a critical hit on a 19 or a 20. Until the target saves, if a target is hit with a critical hit, the target will need to make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw after each turn or take 1d6 "bleed" damage.

In Strongholds & Followers[]

Wound appears as a magical item in the adventure The Siege of Castle Rend. While the lore of the weapon largely remains the same, its properties have been revised.

Wound is a rare magical greataxe that requires attunement to use. The greataxe has a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls. Also, while you are raging, your attacks with this weapon deal an extra 2d6 necrotic damage, and the target’s maximum hit points are decreased in equal amount to the necrotic damage dealt. The target’s hit point maximum does not return to normal until it finishes a long rest or its grievous wounds are soothed by a greater restoration spell.