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This article is about the worldbuilding in Capital. For the world created by Twitch chat, see Collabris.

The Worldbuilding Streams are a streamed web series hosted by Matthew Colville. In the streams, Matt will show his process of creating the city of Capital for The Chain, such as the many different factions.

The goal of this, the reason to stream it, is just so you get to see someone else's thought process. My thought process is not privileged, it's just another point of view. If you're a new dungeon master, just seeing a second example can be hugely useful.
— Matt Colville[1]


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The first three episodes were about the patrons and culture of Rioja and done prior to MCDM owning their own building and instead done at Matt's home. Unlike most of his streams, these episodes were not collaborative as Matt promised to show his process of creating Capital. Finally, the work was done on Microsoft Word, instead of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.


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