Winchester Spendthrift is a Knight of the Word and second in command of the Knights of the Word.

He frequently travels with Captain Zorj, carrying around a notebook and writing furiously in it. It is generally accepted that while Zorj commands the word, it is likely Spendthrift who handles the majority of the administrative tasks for the knightly order and reminding Zorj of appointments and finer points of the law.

Though Spendthrift is second in command of the Knights of the Word, he feels he is ill equipped to actually take command if he had to, and is more than content to serve as Zorj's second for the next thirty or forty years.

Spendthrift has stated that while Zorj seems to believe law enforcement should be an epic and bloody ordeal worthy of bard song, he would rather all his men just go home to their families at the end of the day.

Lady Czorgan Crisis

After the death knight Lady Czorgan threatened to murder Captain Zorj if he did not hand over the Rod of Count Rodar von Glauer within a day, Spendthrift went to visit the Chain of Acheron.

Spendthrift spoke with Boots and advised that he and Zorj both strongly suspected that the Chain possessed the Rod, Zorj would still refuse Lady Czorgan's request and deny knowing of it's existence out of spite and pride.

Boots assured Spendthrift that the Chain had no intention of allowing Lady Czorgan to murder Zorj, and that if it came to it they were willing to destroy the death knight to defend the captain. Spendthrift was hugely relieved to hear this, and recommended the old abandoned courthouse as a possible site for confrontation, stating that it was empty and therefore if a fight did break out civilians were far less likely to be caught in the crossfire.

Boots proposed having Zorj marshal the Knights of the Word to attend the meeting as a show of force. Spendthrift, concerned after the safety of his men countered by suggesting that Boots marshal the Chain's army instead, but admitted that if requested Zorj would likely do as Boots suggested.

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