The Wards of the Last Emperor are a set of magical artifacts that were once owned by the last emperor of the Caelian Empire, Octavius Maximus[1]. In the last days of the Empire, Octavius was betrayed by his greatest general, Actius​​ Vispania. Knowing of Vispania's betrayal, Octavius sealed away the Wards, and none were seen for hundreds of years.[2]

The Wards[]

The Wards include both powerful artifacts and secret lore. Some of the artifacts are objects of great good or dangerous evil. Suspected to be among them are the Sword of a Million Years and the Prismatic Scepter.

Sumat Pol told the Chain that the Jade Hand was one of the Wards[3], but he was incorrect. It was in fact in the created by the The Pharaoh of Khemhara.

The Scepter of Count Rhodar von Glauer is the first artifact that the Chain is able to recover.

Current Location[]

Sumat Pol and the Sapphire Sky believe that Maximus hid the Wards in Ringwell, a massive dungeon hidden beneath the city of Capital.[4]

Behind the Scenes[]

Matt hasn't created all of the Wards, or all of their powers.[5] It's part of Matt's DMing philosophy not to create this kind of thing until it's required, and the Wards haven't featured heavily in one of his games yet, so they haven't been created.[6]

Matt had originally planned the Jade Hand to be a Ward[7], but later changed his mind.

Before Matt started The Chain, he proposed a number of campaigns to his players.[2] One of the campaigns was named "The Wards of the Last Emperor" and would have involved traveling across the world in search of the Wards. Since the players chose to play "The Chain" campaign, which would be set in Capital, Matt relocated the Wards to Ringwell[8]. At that time, the Last Emperor was named "Marcus Octavius".


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