Viras is love, and lust, and youth, and health. She is the god of Young Lovers and Spring. She believes that joy, the experience of joy, is what separates Man from the beasts.

She is the sister to Salorna and is in many ways the most popular, literally popular, of the gods. Known to all Vaslorians: hopeful young swains carry a sprig of holly when courting. Married woman chew Mentha leaves when trying for children. She is prayed to during a harsh winter, and celebrated during the Summer Solstice. Summer is her power, and Winter is her foil.

But her priesthood is sparse. She does not appear to seek worship. Her temples are gardens and often modest.

Her priests, however, are the greatest healers in the Region, considering all forms of disease and sickness to be moral wrongs. They tend to be women and, like the Preists of Malus, practice their craft in secret. The term “witch” in Vasloria refers to a woman, usually unmarried, devoted to Viras and comes from the Gol word “weg,” meaning literally “priest.”

Paladins of Viras are even rarer than Paladins of Salorna. Like her priests, Viras’ paladins are usually women, and often practise their discipline in secret. They favor light armor, but train constantly with sword and mace.

For the Priests and Paladins of Viras are the devout enemies of the Deathless. A town suddenly plagued by Deathless may discover several of its women are—and for years have been—secretly Paladins of Viras.

Saints of Viras[]

  • Saint Aimsley the Irrepressible
  • Saint Elspeth the Blithe
  • Saint Gowan the Physician
  • Saint Jack the Green
  • Saint Marya the Mother