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Vanigar, also called the Uttermost North, is a region of Orden. It is an arctic region, North of the Iron Forest, and home to the Vanir.

1,000 years ago, the Gol invaded their lands when the Vanir were still hunter-gatherers. Slowly, Vanir culture and Gol culture merged as the Gol slowly died out. While some Gol wizards can still be found in secluded towers, the Vanir are once again the dominant people of the North. Eight clans of Vanirmen exist, originally created by the Gol after the Vanir lost the last war between the two peoples. Each clan is led by a Jarl, who once paid tribute to the Gol king, and the structure of the Clans mimics the structure of the family. The Vanir do not respect land, or property, but they do respect family. Vanirmen are the physically largest in Orden. they value strength and bravery, and seek an honorable death in battle. They also believe strongly in the notion of Fate, which they call Wyrd.[1]