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Tor is the name of one of the three human baronies in Aendrim as well as the city that traditionally served as its seat.


After Good King Omund's death, most of the civilized places in Aendrim was lost to the wilderness. However, three baronies still survive; Tor, Bedegar, and Dalrath.[1]

Kenway's Goal[]

In a scheme to take down Ajax the Invincible, the baron of Dalrath, Kenway, plans to make himself the new Duke of Aendrim and challenge Ajax's reign over the region.

During the Siege of Castle Rend, Kenway helped supply Nekodemus with soldiers to defend off from Lord Saxton's forces. In return, he asks for the thirteen-year-old Edmund Bedegar, the rightful Baron of Bedegar, to swear fealty as the Duke of Aendrim. Because of his age, Edmund was struck down and instead Nekodemus was made the new Baron of Bedegar, swearing fealty to Kenway

Afterward, he made his way to Tor to negotiate with Ceris Tor. While her fate is left unknown, Kenway will later declare himself as the Duke of Aendrim.