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The Timescape is the sages' term for the multiverse, the collection of planes through which one may travel.[1]

Planes of the Timescape[]

  • The Mundane World, containing the material world of Orden.
  • The Astral Sea, also called the Sea Between Worlds or the Sea of Stars.
  • The World Below, sometimes called the Underdark, home to such creatures as the drow and the deep gnomes.
  • Arcadia, realm of the fey.
  • Quintessence, the plane of elements, containing Alloy.
  • Primordius, the Sea of Eternal Change, home of the Court of All Flesh.
  • Axiom, the plane of uttermost law, containing the Five Cities of Ordos and the Inexorables.
  • The Abyssal Wasteland, home to the demons.
  • The Seven Cities of Hell, home to the devils.
  • The home plane of the Celestial Court, whose name and location are forgotten, if indeed they were ever known.
  • Equinox, home to the Shadow Elves.


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