This article is about the contract the Chain has completed. For the episode, see The Underdark Job.

The Underdark Job is a contract between Reginald Orpheo and the mercenary company the Chain of Acheron. The contract states that upon Orpheo retrieving the Crown of House Valetta, the Chain will be paid 20,000 gold. The contract has been completed.


The Underdark Job was one of the first three contracts offered to the Chain of Acheron when they first arrived at Capital, alongside the Citadel Job and the Library Job.

While staying at the Pharaoh's Dream, the senior officers were greeted by an undead lawyer, Reginald Orpheo, representing House Valetta (though in reality House Alvaro). He explains that because the Chain has the Somnium Tenebris, they are able to enter the World Below and retrieve the crown for them. Out of the three contracts offered, this one yielded the most gold, but the least amount of renown. In addition to the 20,000 gold pieces (once the contract has been fulfilled), Orpheo gives the senior officers some gear for their adventures in the World Below:

  • An adamantium greatsword, an ancient relic of House Valetta
  • Two Scrolls of Water Breathing
  • A Wand of Magic Weapon with 8 charges

The Chain agrees to the contract and begins to prepare their adventure into the World Below, taking the junior officer Leech with them, thanks to his knowledge of his homeworld. They learn that the one who currently possesses the crown is an Old One at the Temple of Antisanity, located upon the Isle of Madness.

When the senior officers arrive at the Temple of Antisanity, Leech warns them that when they enter, they will be entering the Old One's world, and play by his rules. They enter the temple and after a variety of puzzles created by the Old One, they finally arrive at a recreation of a Riojan solarium. A battle takes place between an undead mummy lord and the Lord of Madness itself, but the Chain was able to successfully escape with the Crown of House Valetta.

In the aftermath, Orpheo takes the crown and writes the Chain of Acheron a cheque of 20,000 gold and offers them some time at the Permanent Transient, run by the treants Sumat Pol.


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