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This article is about the battle against Nekodemus, Saxton and Sariel. For adventure by James Haeck, see Strongholds & Followers.

The Siege of Castle Rend was a famous battle that took place in Bedegar. The battle consists of Nekodemus defending Castle Rend from two armies, each lead by Lord Saxton and Lady Sariel.

Unlike most campaign diaries, this is split up into two parts.

Part One[]

Part one of the Siege of Castle Rend consists of the battle against the Shield of Gravesford and Lord Saxton.

Downtime before the Battle[]

The Shield of Gravesford has just defeated Lady Ruth and her army and learn that Lord Saxton's army is arriving in four hours. As TJ was absent, Kek declared that he will stay within the temple and tend to the wounded. Nekodemus identifies the magical ring he obtained from Xanathar, while the rest of the adventurers rest.

Negotiation with the Baron of Dalrath[]

Whilst resting, the party hears a sound outside, coming from the Hound of Dalrath. Nekodemus sees three figures outside of the castle: Kenway Dalrath, Lady Avelina (with the hound) and Edmund Bedegar; and invites them into the castle.

Kenway asks Nekodemus to speak in private because of sensitive political negotiations that will take place, which Nekodemus agrees to, and takes Sir Aarkizovar and Graves with him for the negotiation. Kenway explains that Lord Saxton has become an acolyte to Saint Ajax and has risen an army of fiends, and offers his army - who are specialized in fighting fiends - to aid Nekodemus and Edmund in the fight. In return, Kenway asks that Edmund swears absolute fealty to him as the Duke of Aendrim. As Edmund is only a thirteen-year-old kid, this is wildly out of his experience in politics, so he turns to Nekodemus and Graves for advice, which leads to Edmund ultimately agreeing to the offer.

Kenway asks Lady Avelina to perform the ceremony. She turns to Kenway then back to Edmund, draws her sword, and executes Lord Edmund. This provokes a shock to Nekodemus, Graves, and Aarkizovar; and Kenway addresses Nekodemus as the new Baron of Bedegar. Despite Aarkizovar's intense reaction, Nekodemus agrees and becomes the new baron in service of Kenway.

Part Two[]

Part two of the Siege of Castle Rend involves the negotiation between the Shield of Gravesford and Lady Sariel.