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The Shield of Gravesford was a mercenary company based in Vasloria and were the protagonists of one of Matt Colville's D&D campaigns.


The Shield of Gravesford was first formed during a blood moon at Gravesford, when Lady Sariel attempted to steal one of the Teeth of the Dragon and the Shield of Aendrim. The name comes from Gravesford, the village they saved, and the shield they obtained, although they weren't named until much later, when they were reinventing Castle Rend.


Whilst the Shield of Gravesford were reconstructing Castle Rend, a few members left the party to pursue different goals. On the other hand, the Shield of Gravesford shortly made an alliance with The Revenant Vow, another mercenary company. After the Siege of Castle Rend, Nekodemus became the Baron of Rend, the company was disbanded, and the members went their separate ways.

Current Members[]

Former Members[]

  • Skoros, deceased
  • Sai, left the company to join Mardun
  • Peldelton, left the company to join the Clock, a thieves' guild
  • Iyagushka, left the company with Peledlton and Willoughby to retrieve his staff

Behind the Scenes[]

Matt ran the Shield of Gravesford game for several of his friends at Turtle Rock Studios.