The Night Before... is the introduction of The Chain. Although it was not streamed, it took place on January 30th, 2019.


The Commander and the Lieutenant arrive at the graveyard in the city of Blackbottom at midnight, learning of a new contract the Chain can fulfill. The two meet three figures: Lady Sariel, Duke Kenway and Baron Nekodemus.

Although under Kenway's name because of her vampiric state, Lady Sariel is hiring the Chain of Acheron to assassinate Ajax's wizard Mortum. She explains that in six hours Mortum will come out of the Church of St. Clement the Journeyman after meeting with the bishop.

The two senior officers have some questions on how they could assassinate someone as powerful as Mortum, and that is when Lady Sariel hands them five red arrows. She explains that these arrows can pierce all magical wards, and describes that the arrows are made out of the same material as the Teeth of the Dragon.

They also ask why Lady Sariel just doesn't assassinate Mortum herself, however, she gives no answer and simply acts mysteriously.

Despite not getting an answer, the Commander agrees to the conditions and signs the Final Contract.

Chronicle Entry[]

In those days, the Chain was in service to Lady Sariel.

They met in a graveyard.

“I have given you arrows of liannar,” the woman said. “The bloodmetal. Made by father. Forged in the same fire and of the same steel as the Teeth of the Dragon. Use them.”

“You’ll have to get close,” the nobleman next to her said. “The range on those things is short.”

The Commander shook his head, openly skeptical. “We need…you said you’d give us the tools we need and we get this? Aren’t you some kind of…? Mortum’s got so many wards, his wards have wards.”

“Look to your chronicle,” the ethereal woman said. “The bloodmetal pierces all such defenses.”

“Commander?” the Lieutenant asked.


“Mandrake’s sword is made of bloodmetal.”

“Is that right? Ok, well…. If one sword could kill Vitae, maybe five arrows will do the trick.”

“Baz-kor. Korz rogesh. Bezdin tok,” the half-orc baron barked.

“What did your half-orc say?”

The noble shifted in his armor. “He said five arrows is a waste of four arrows.

“Because you’ll only get one shot.”

Behind the Scenes[]

The Night Before... is the introduction of the Chain campaign. Before “Red Sky at Morning(Episode 1), Matt Colville took Lars (playing the Commander) and Phil (playing the Lieutenant) into his office to play out the negotiation between the three figures.

When asked why Lady Sariel doesn't take care of the problem herself, Matt did not have an answer right away and bluffed by having Lady Sariel do nothing.

Later on, Matt clarified that the arrows are made out of Zodiakol and not Liannar.