This article is about the Aboleth. For the episode, see The Lord of Madness.

You will become a featured player inside my puzzles.
— The Lord of Madness, to Judge

The Lord of Madness is an insane Old One from the World Below and the one who possessed the Crown of House Valetta.


Negotiations with House Valetta[]

Prior to Duke Valetta's death, The Lord of Madness told Duke Valetta that he was being manipulated, that the energies he was sponsoring would act indiscriminately, and offered to aid the duke. The reasons as to why the Lord of Madness wanted to aid Duke Valetta is unknown, but likely involves the Old One's plot to dominate the world.

Bargaining the Crown of House Valetta, Duke Valetta withdrew his aid, forcing the Old Ones to go to Lord Saxton, and had to be more circumspect in revealing who they were and what they wanted.[1]

The details on how the Lord of Madness was able to obtain the crown after the negotiations are unknown.

The Underdark Job[]

The Chain of Acheron was hired by Reginald Orpheo to retrieve the Crown of House Valetta, heading to the World Below. Before they arrive, Leech warns the rest of the senior officers the powers of the Lord of Madness as well as its lair: the Temple of Antisanity. He explains that once they enter the temple, they will entering the Old One's world, and to play by his rules.

The Chain enters the temple and is greeted by numerous puzzles created by the Lord of Madness. They also learn that the Lord of Madness has trapped many creatures to feature as pawns in these puzzles, including a Celestial and a Fire Giant.

Solving each of these puzzles, the Chain was able to survive their way into the home of the Lord of Madness; a recreation of a Riojan solarium. They see a simulacrum of Duke Valetta (actually a mummy lord) with the crown upon him, eventually leading to a battle between the mummy and the Chain. As the fight continues, the room begins to darken as the Lord of Madness begins to emerge out of the large bath, forcing the Chain of Acheron to escape with the crown as quickly as possible. Although Boots was able to resist, Judge temporarily fell under the Old One's domination when he notices the shadow of the being, but thanks to the rest of the senior officers Judge was able to escape the temple and his domination.