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We worked with the Tower of Dis years ago...the Helltroopers are brutal, but honorable.Red Falcon lieutenant to Captain Antonia

The Iron Tower of Dis were a mercenary company. Like The Chain of Acheron, the Tower of Dis is believed to be one of the fabled Legions of Hell. They were effectively destroyed following their defeat at the hands of Ajax the Invincible.


Early History

Little is known about the history of the Iron Tower. Their name comes from the city of Dis, one of the Seven Cities of Hell. The Khorsarian lieutenant of the Red Falcons says he has served with them in the past, though whether this was while part of the Red Falcons or previously is unclear.

Conflict with Ajax

The Iron Tower challenged Ajax during his conquest of Vasloria. The Tower failed to stop Ajax, and the flying pyramid they used as a base of operations was cast from the sky, landing in the Grey Waste in northern Vasloria. 

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