The Commander is a role card. The commander of Chain is often referred to by rank as "The Commander". The first Commander of the Chain seen on-stream was killed by Relg in “Red Sky at Morning(Episode 1)


As a bonus action, choose a senior officer of the chain. They may either move their speed or make one basic melee attack.

Known Chain Commanders

Name Start of Role End of Role Notes
Trip† Before Stream Began Before Stream Began
Red Before Stream Began Red Sky at Morning(Episode 1) Referred to by rank, killed at the Battle of Blackbottom
Sweet Red Sky at Morning(Episode 1) The God Factor(Episode 5) Referred to by rank, killed while preventing Nails' apotheosis
King The God Factor(Episode 5) No Confidence(Episode 26) Also serves as the Chronicler
Judge No Confidence(Episode 26) Currently active in role Also serves as the Weapon Master
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