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The Chrysopolis is the floating city fortress that serves as Ajax the Invincible's seat of power.

Its unprecedented access to all of Orden is likely the reason that Ajax can maintain hope of ruling over a world-spanning empire after his planned conquest of the planet.


Originally a Sky-Elf city, it lost its power of flight when its makers disappeared from the Mundane World. Ajax's wizard, Mortum, rediscovered the means to make the hulking landmass float again, and the city has served as Ajax's mobile base ever since.

Ajax refers to the Chrysopolis as his "city of gold."[1]


  • The term "Chrysopolis" is a construct of the Ancient Greek words "chrysos" (χρυσός) and "polis" (πόλις), meaning respectively "gold" and "city." It shares its name with the Greek city-state that flourished between the 6th and 4th centuries B.C.