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The Assayer's Guild, commonly known as the Fulcrum, is a powerful guild in Capital. Run by Lady Shirome, it controls the trade into and out of the city, as well the Imperial Bank, and controls Capital's monetary policy.

The Fulcrum sets prices for goods and interest rates for loans. They track ships enterting the city for the purposes of trade, and are reliant on the navy, controlled by House Vorona, for the protection of these ships from pirates. House Vorona has repeatedly threatened to stop protecting the ships, which would cause problems for the Fulcrum.

The Fulcrum are one of the richest guilds, and sponsored/loaned money to other guilds for entry to the Privy Council, as well as paying for their own entry.

The Fulcrum rose to prominence following the disaster befalling House Valetta. After that, Duchess Lenore refused to perform any duties relating to the treasury until her husband returned. Shirome of the Assayer's Guild then arrived with the money to assist Capital, aiding the guild's rise to prominence.

The Fulcrum's headquarters are on the second floor of the basilica of Saint Bonogratia, patron saint of gambling and risk.

Assets and Forces[]

  • The Imperial Bank
  • The Exchange
  • The Royal Heraldric Society
  • The Goldbuttons
  • The Knights of the Stamp, also known as Hammers
  • The Stays