Cullonwyn labored for many years, delivering to Ulluvinor and his knights six swords of exquisite crafting; his greatest work. Six elven blades made from liannar, the sun-metal.

The Teeth of the Dragon are a legendary set of magical elven swords spread across Orden. Most of the Teeth have been lost in time. As a result, very little is known about them. It is believed that, following the destruction of Orion, the other Teeth of the Dragon will lose their magical abilities unless a new Master Sword is forged.

The Teeth[]

Now lost to legend, the six swords were…

The Teeth are the subject of a legend that says there are six swords, but this legend is probably incorrect. Other sources say there are eight swords, but this itself might also be untrue.

Legend of Six Swords[]

Deneb – The Sword of Dreams[]

Rigel – The Sword of Fate[]

Arcturus – The Sword of Stars[]

Arcturus was one of the Teeth owned by Lady Sariel. Its current location is unknown, as Sariel did not appear to possess it at Blackbottom.

Arcturus was previously owned by Nekodemus, but he found it difficult to wield as the magical blade appeared to reject being used by a creature with orcish ancestry.

Gemini / Canopus – The Sword of Truth(?)[]

The name of the fourth sword is disputed - some sources call it Gemini, The Sword of Truth but others call it Canopus, and may not be the "Sword of Truth" as legend indicates.[1]

Orion - The Master Sword[]

Orion was one of the Teeth owned by Lady Sariel, and previously Lord Xarvoxinivax, Good King Omund's Lord Marshall.[2] It was destroyed by Ajax the Invincible during the battle at Blackbottom. Magical weapons refuse to harm the wielder of Orion. When it was destroyed, part of the magic contained inside Orion struck Nails, elevating his natural magical abilities to near-Godlike power.

Narada – The Sword of Darkness[]

Legend of Eight Swords[]

Time corrupts the legend. There are not six swords. There are eight. The fourth sword’s name is not Gemini but Canopus. And there are two further swords, now lost to the mists of time.

Uriel – The Sword of Dawn[]

Scorpius – The Sword of Lies[]

Forged long ago for the elven bard Cullwich, Scorpius was once owned by the bard Alejandro,[3] but was given along with Arcturus, to Lady Sariel in exchange for Lord Saxton. Since her apparent death, its location is currently unknown, although it was likely taken by Ajax after the destruction of Blackbottom.

Behind the Scenes[]

The Teeth of the Dragon were originally conceptualised by Jim Murphy, friend and sometime GM to Matt Colville. Matt borrowed the concept and name for his home game. Jim Murphy's Teeth of the Dragon have different names and are covered in some of his YouTube videos.[4]

Matt has not created all of the Teeth of the Dragon and has left many details deliberately vague as he prefers to customize them to suit the players who find them. Scorpius, for example, had properties chosen to suit Alejandro de Modesto, Anna's character at the time.[5]

Two of the "original" Teeth of the Dragon, created by DM Jim Murphy in the 80s (Link)

In the six-sword version of the legend, the first letters of the names of the swords spell out DRAGON. In the eight-sword version, they spell DRACONUS.