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Tace, born Hush, was the previous baron of Bedegar's wizard and the master of Skoros.


Tace is described as being in his fifties with a shock of short, gray hair. He is tall, gaunt, and overall bears a resemblance to Sam Shepard.


Tace is an incredibly powerful wizard from Bedegar and has many pupils under his wing. He is capable of restoring a cursed soul, meaning that he could restore Lady Sariel to her elven form.

Additionally, he also possesses an Instant Fortress, and because of his human ancestry, can sense the presence of magic and/or undead within 30 feet.


Along with Lady Avelina, Tace is a member of a secret organization, although not much information is known about this. He is also a friend of the previous baron of Bedegar, having his own tower at Bedegar Keep.

The Shield of Aendrim[]

An adventuring party – later known as the Shield of Gravesford – search for a wizard to identify two items they have obtained: the Shield of Aendrim and Arcturus. As his pupil, Skoros suggests that they seek Tace.

The party later comes across an Instant Fortress created along the road and enter to meet Tace, as well as a knight from Dalrath, Lady Avelina. Tace is first given Arcturus, but because of its elven history, Tace does not know all of the weapon's properties. When the party pulls out the Shield of Aendrim, both Tace and Avelina recognize the shield, causing Avelina to stand up and demand the shield to be delivered to her master, Kenway.

Tace, realizing the significance of the shield, instead suggests that the party keeps the shield as it will be in an obscure place. He asks what the adventurers plan to do next and warns them not to go to Bedegar Keep because he doesn't trust the regent.


While the adventuring party was in the swamp of Iyagushka's master, Tace fell to a drugged drink and was kidnapped to the World Below, as part of the Aboleth's plot to dominate the world.

However, Tace will later resist the domination and helps a less powerful wizard Fulgara escape from the World Below. His fate remains unknown.