You want to finish this? We’re gonna have to get our hands dirty.
— The Commander

Sweet, more commonly referred to by rank as The Commander and, before that, The Lieutenant, was a human pugilist. He was the Commanding Officer of the Chain of Acheron. He succeeded the previous commander in Episode 1 of the stream. He was played by Phil.

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Sweet was Vaslorian and wears a long red coat and tall stovepipe hat.

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Sweet had incredible strength and an ease around workers and junior officers, though he had a tendency to be closed off.

Biography Edit

Sweet was born in the city of Blackbottom and eventually joined the Chain of Acheron. He was recruited by Judge. At some point during his membership in the Chain, Sweet was promoted to Lieutenant, second in command to The Commander at the time.

In service to Lady Sariel  Edit

Sometime after the events in Alloy, The Chain undertook a contract by order of Kenway Dalrath, in alliance with Lady Sariel, to kill the archwizard Mortum, a pawn of Saint Ajax the Invincible. The signing of this contract was witnessed by Sariel herself. Red and Sweet were given five arrows of Zodiakol that were supposedly capable of piercing the many wards protecting Mortum.[1]

Red Sky at Morning(Episode 1) Edit

After Red was seized by Relg, the Lieutenant in desperation hurled a javelin of lightning at the demon lord, hoping to give his commander a chance to escape. The javelin struck its massive target, but Relg could not be made to drop him. When Relg killed the Commander, the Lieutenant received an unwanted battlefield promotion. The new Commander's first order was for the Chain to flee for the harbor.

The Commander expedited the escape significantly through his knowledge of the city of Blackbottom and the tremendous strength of his fists (backed by his Belt of Hill Giant Strength), smashing a wooden gate blocking their path into splinters.[2]

The God Factor(Episode 5) Edit

Sweet died when he stabbed Nails with one of the red arrows releasing all of the energy trapped inside of him. He stopped Nails from becoming a god but was instantly disintegrated.

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The Pugilist is a custom class available on the DM's Guild.

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