Oh, don't be ridiculous, I haven't eaten anyone's brain in... hours.
— Suleerin

Suleerin was a mind flayer prisoner aboard the Somnium Tenebris.


As a prisoner, Suleerin is equipped with a collar that negates his Mind Blast and Spellcasting abilities but is still capable of eating brains using his tentacles.


Suleerin was a member of the Seventh Wave That Crushes Rock to Powder, a mind flayer faction that runs the Somnium Tenebris.[1]


When the Somnium Tenebris attacked a passenger ship and captured Aslaug, Suleerin wanted to keep her alive so he could torture the genasi. The other mind flayers opposed to this decision, Suleerin then calls the shipmaster a fool and shortly become a prisoner. Not only was he kept in a cell, but the mind flayers installed a collar on Suleerin to negate his spellcasting abilities.

Later, Ajax's wizard Mortum appears to the gith slaves and offers them the power to rebel against the mind flayers and take over the illthid ship. They agree and kill every mind flayer except Suleerin, as the prisoner was not considered a threat.

The Chain Boarding Party[]

Now following the orders of Ajax, the Somnium Tenebris seeks out the Chain of Acheron, a mercenary company that attempted to assassinate Mortum. The gith were able to find the Chain aboard the Rosso Cielo, but the Chain of Acheron lead a boarded party onto the ship.

The Chain learns from Nails that there are prisoners (including Suleerin) on the ship, but because of the gith and Nails himself, they couldn't check up on them.

The God Factor(Episode 5)[]

When the Chain of Acheron have successfully removed any threat aboard the Somnium Tenebris (sans the Faceless Guard), Judge says that he wants to check up on the prisoners. The first prisoner they meet is Suleerin, who is hunched over and explains his backstory to the senior officers.

The master of the ship wanted to kill her, but I wanted to torture her slowly and harvest her organs.

Commander King does not want to deal with the mind flayer, but Judge seems interested in Suleerin and even suggests recruiting him. Suleerin taunts the senior officers and underestimates their abilities to even open the cell doors. The Chain leaves the mind flayer and moves on to the other two prisoners.

The HRP Broad Sword(Episode 7)[]


Behind the Scenes[]

Like Blue, Suleerin was created on the spot as Matt Colville thought it would be neat for the players to interact with some prisoners. In “The HRP Broad Sword(Episode 7), Matt revealed in the campaign diary that he was disappointed in the player's decision to kill Suleerin, as he thought they agreed to keep him alive.