There is more to the game than fighting monsters... Build a stronghold, and influence the world.

Strongholds & Followers is the first book by MCDM. It was produced after a successful Kickstarter campaign raised over $2 million.


Strongholds & Followers, as the name implies, is about how characters can raise strongholds and attract followers. The book also contains an adventure used as an example as to how this can be run, and many new items and monsters. Everything within this book is compatible with fifth-edition Dungeons & Dragons.


This section is about the rules of strongholds; how a player could obtain one, differences between classes, additional abilities, and so on.


This section is about the rules of followers; including many examples, retainers and how a player would manage them.

The Siege of Castle Rend[]

This article is about the adventure within Strongholds & Followers. For the fight and campaign diary, see The Siege of Castle Rend.

This section is an adventure outlined by Matt and written by James Haeck. Set in the world of Orden, the players can obtain the Castle Rend and defend it against the forces of Lord Saxton.

This adventure is largely based upon events in the As Above, So Below campaign.


This section includes many new monsters, courts, and magical items. (not limited to the powerful Codices) The appendix also includes a simplified version of warfare rules so that the consumer can run battles and create units before Kingdoms, Organizations & Warfare is released.