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Soot is a derro ranger and a junior officer of the Chain of Acheron.


The derro barely survived the anticlimactic decimation of his people in the City of the Glass Pool, and fled alone to the forests of Vasloria, where he lived for an unknown amount of time. He quickly adapted his survival skills to suit the world above, and discovered a remarkable talent for hunting nocturnally.

After meeting Copper and Bigcat, with whom he was instantly enraptured, the derro joins the Chain of Acheron, later adopting the name Soot. He admired Copper's status as the best ranger, and saw Copper as having "the palpable spirit of my god," pledging to serve "the chosen master," until his dying day.

In the weeks leading up to the fall of Blackbottom, Soot was assigned to the Advancers, and reunited with the Chain on the Pellet.

Behind the Scenes[]

Soot was an original character of the Chain of Acheron created by Chandler Candela as fan art for the show. Inspired by the derro's design, Matt Colville made the character an official junior officer, first shown in the “Idle Hands(Episode 23).