This entire city smells bad.
— Slim

Slim, previously known as D'jelek the Impious, is a Githyanki Battlemaster who joined the Chain on the Somnium Tenebris. He currently serves as the Somnium's pilot.[1]


Slim is a Githyanki, a tall green-yellow skinned creature that exists in the World Between Worlds. He wears his hair in a mohawk with side ponytails. He carries a silver Githyanki greatsword, with runes inscribed along its blade.

Slim is against being compelled to show deference to anyone, and won't abide slavery for anyone else.


Slim's ability scores are as follows:

18 (+4) 14 (+2) 20 (+5) 13 (+1) 15 (+2) 14 (+2)

Slim is a level 7 Battlemaster Fighter who wields a greatsword to great effect in battle, consistently dealing high amounts of damage.

He is also psionic, and can communicate with the Mindwitness Navigator of the Somnium Tenebris. He uses these abilities to pilot the ship and cause it to move between worlds.

Slim is also able to use certain psionic manifestations, including Jump and Misty Step.

His attunement to the ship gives him a resistance to magic, along with a weakness to psionic attacks.


Slim was a slave to the Mind Flayers aboard the Somnium Tenebris for an unknown span of time. He had previously heard of the Chain, thinking them fools for their devotion to mere contracts, but when he heard the story that they had betrayed the Lady of Brass, he became something of a fan.

When Ajax's wizard, Mortum, offered the slaves a chance to overthrow their masters in exchange for their service to Ajax, Slim joined the uprising but refused to serve Ajax. He reasoned that it would just be trading one set of masters for another, and so he was imprisoned by his fellow Githyanki after they took the ship.

The God Factor(Episode 5)[]

I don't have anything better to do.
— Slim, on why he joined the Chain

D'jelek was found in his cell by the senior officers of the Chain. He expressed his admiration for the Chain's supposed betrayal of the Lady of Brass, and agreed to join the Chain and pilot the Somnium Tenebris. He was quickly nicknamed Slim by the senior officers.

The HRP Broad Sword(Episode 7)[]

Slim plugged into the ship's pilot's seat and directed the Somnium Tenebris' Mindwitness Navigator to transport the ship back to the Mundane World. Compared to the Astral Sea, the ocean around Rioja stinks. Once in Capital, Slim seems to enjoy the difference from the world he knows. He tries everything the apple cart has to offer, enjoys designing his own Riojan outfit, and uses every amenity offered at the Pharaoh's Dream. Contracts confuse him, however.

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