I do the devil’s work.
— Motto of house von Glauer

The Scepter of Power of Count Rhodar von Glauer is one of the Wards of the Last Emperor that was hidden in Ringwell. It is a rod, approximately two and a half feet long, decorated in black and gold and crowned with cap in the shape of a hawk's head. It has the power to control undead and the minds of man. It was recovered from Ringwell by The Chain of Acheron in Idle Hands and is currently used by Boots.


King found a reference to the scepter in the Chronicle[1]:

In those days the Chain was in service to the Emperor Gaius VIII, third of the Five Crusading Emperors, and 27th Emperor of Caelia. Gaius continued the crusades started by his illustrious grand-uncle. Those were profitable days for the Chain, the Wheel, and the Gate. While the other Helltroopers waded into the deserts of Khoursir and Khemhara, we battled in the forests of Vaslor. We had it easy. I hate deserts. Count Rhodar von Glauer waited until he was fulsome in his strength before trying to extend his dark realm into Caelian territory. Thinking his vampiric power would save him. But we know how to deal with Vampires. The black and gold standard of the von Glauer family reads “I do the devil’s work .” We can attest to that. We lost many souls to that long siege, but in the end, we staked him. An old woman howled at us saying “he is the land!” but we hear that stuff all the time. We sacked his castle, burned his forest/orchards, and delivered his staff to the Emperor. That was harder than it sounds. Finger had to drop it in one of his bottomless sacks to stop the mists from coming. What the Emperor will do with it, I don’t know. I fear that staff may hold more than the power to make the mist.

The Emperor sealed the Scepter in Ringwell for hundreds of years until the Chain found it. As an evil object of great power, King believed it should be destroyed even though it would be useful for the Chain's goals, which eventually led him to conclude that he is not the right person to lead the Chain in No Confidence. Once it was removed from Ringwell, Duchess Lenore Valetta detected its presence in Capital and sent Lady Czorgan to seize it, which brought her in conflict with the Chain.


You attune to the scepter by saying the phrase “I do the devil’s work”. While attuned to the rod, you gain the ability to summon vampiric mists; command, summon and create undead; and to command or to persuade people. It will also allow to change your form into nocturnal creatures.

Presumably there is more lore and power attached to this artifact, but the identify spell didn't reveal them.