Salorna believes that nature and its order are a moral good. That to behave in a manner, not in accord with the natural order is to commit offense against the gods.

Salorna teaches that Man is a product of nature, and that a tilled farm is as much a natural phenomenon as a forest. Indeed, tilling the land is a form of caring for it. But Salorna also teaches balance in all things, a land of farms and no trees would be just as unnatural to her as a land of all trees and no Men.

Felling a tree for lumber is natural. Man needs lumber to make homes for shelter to protect the family. This is natural and good. Felling a tree to make a road is mere convenience and therefore a moral wrong. A follower of Salorna curses a straight road.

Killing for food is likewise natural. Man needs to eat and the pig knows this as well as the Man. Killing for sport is a moral wrong, however. It is unnatural.

A wheel that harnesses the power of the river is a beautiful thing. Man and river physically connected. A damn the blocks the river is a desecration.

Salorna’s priests are Druids and seek to preserve the balance and respect for nature. Because much of Vasloria is covered in Elf-forest, Salorna’s druids are also often diplomats to the Elves.

Salorna has few Paladins, but not none! Favoring light armor and ranged weapons, her Paladins are often mistaken for Rangers. They seek to punish those who hunt for sport, or those who would defile the natural order.

Saints of Salorna[]

  • Saint Fallara the Witch
  • Saint Halcyon the Druid
  • Saint Isolde the Purifier
  • Saint Morvin the Tiller
  • Saint Pandercost the Wroth