I want to turn you from someone who wants to play D&D into somebody who wants to run D&D.

Running the Game is a YouTube series encouraging more people to become Dungeon Masters. Matt Colville began the series in 2016.


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Over the course of the series, Matt delved deeply into several sub-topics. These included building a campaign setting live, recapping D&D games he was running at the time, and waxing poetic on the history of the game itself.


In May of 2016, Matt began live streaming on Twitch with the goal of creating a D&D campaign setting live. This would show new game masters how to create worlds for their own personal games. During the stream, Matt would solicit input from the audience. This setting, known as Collabris, became a shared campaign world for many of his viewers.

Here's a link to the Collabris playlist on YouTube.

Campaign Diaries[]

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Prior to forming MCDM Matt ran several D&D campaigns for his coworkers. These games became a shared history for the events leading up The Chain. These games were streamed and Matt also created Campaign Diaries recapping the events from his point of view.

Here's a link to the Campaign Diaries playlist on YouTube.

History of D&D: One Fighter at a Time![]

In order to show how the game of Dungeons and Dragons had changed over time, Matt created a series showcasing how a very common class, the Fighter, had changed in each edition of the game.

Here's a link to the History of D&D playlist on YouTube.