The role cards are based on the official designation of each senior officer and some junior officers in the Chain of Acheron. Most grant abilities in combat, similar to feats. Unlike feats, however, they are not tied to a single player or character. For example, when Red was killed, Sweet, who had been the Lieutenant until that point, took the Commander role card and gave the Lieutenant card to King.

Role Cards[]

Role Current Holder Past Holders Ability
Commander Judge Trip, Red, Sweet, King As a bonus action, choose a senior officer of the chain. They may either move their speed or make one basic melee attack.
Chronicler King - No combat ability, responsible for maintaining the Chronicle
Lieutenant Boots Sweet, King As a reaction to a senior officer rolling initiative, you may swap two officers' initiative results.
Pilot Slim -
  • Has a psychic link to the Somnium Tenebris
  • The Navigator can relay messages to the pilot

psychically across any distance.

  • The Pilot has Magic Resistance except against

psychic abilities

  • The Pilot has vulnerability to psychic damage
Staff Sorcerer Buts Nails The Staff Sorcerer can study the Chronicle during a long rest and choose a spell they know that can be cast at higher levels. They may cast that spell at one higher level without using a higher level spell slot.
Standard Bearer Copper Red As an action, you can wave the standard to give each Chain member within 30 feet 5 temporary hit points.
Ship Surgeon Leech - Once per battle as a reaction when an ally drops unconscious you gain a free movement, you must move towards the unconscious ally and end your movement adjacent to them and you can spend a hit die. The Ship Surgeon also has proficiency with the medicine skill, if they do not already have proficiency in the skill.
Weapon Master Judge - When a senior officer rolls damage with a weapon attack, they treat all 1s as 2s.