Dominated by scrubland, Rioja is a hardy land that birthed a hardy and adventurous people. Their sailors are the great explorers of the world, bringing trade and culture to all the regions of Orden.


They are outgoing, theatrical and dress flamboyantly. They value quickness of reflex and of wit, as well as reading and writing. They are the most literate people in Orden, only the Iom come close. But for the Riojan, philosophy is useless. Morality, ethics, logic, theology, all exist in the poem, song, and above all, the stage. The men of Rioja are amongst the most multi-talented in the world, considering it each man's responsibility to master writing, reading, oratory, music, cooking, dancing, duelling, sailing. Lofty goals, and only a few men achieve the ideal. But all Riojans aspire to it.

Riojans favor light armor and light weapons for maximum maneuverability, and they have a long tradition of thief-heroes, being only one of two peoples in Orden to have a God of Thieves. Yet while Rioja produces the best thieves they do not produce the best spies.


  • Capital - The City of the Great Game