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{{Stub}}[[Lady Sariel ]] gave [[The Chain]] five (?) arrows made from a red metal called [[zodiakol]] which are said to be able to pierce any magical ward.
[[File:Lady_Sariel.jpg|thumb|[[Lady Sariel]] holding five red arrows]]
A '''''red arrow''''' is a magical arrow used in [[The Chain of Acheron|the Chain of Acheron]].
== History ==
[[Lady Sariel]] gave [[The Chain of Acheron|the Chain of Acheron]] five arrows to use in [[Kenway Dalrath's Contract|the Final Contract]] to assassinate [[Mortum]].
=== [[Red Sky at Morning]] ===
[[Copper]] fired one of the ''red arrows'' at Mortum but was set up by [[Mandrake]] and proven unsuccessful. The Chain was able to save the four remaining arrows as they escape [[Blackbottom]].
=== [[The God Factor]] ===
[[Sweet]] uses the second ''red arrow'' to destroy [[Nails|Omega Nails]], but in the progress Nails and Sweet explode and the ''red arrow'' is consumed. Presumably, the three remaining ''red arrows'' were not kept by Sweet and remain with the Chain.
== Properties ==
A ''red arrow'' is made from a red metal called '''[[zodiakol]]''' which are said to be able to pierce any magical ward.

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