In this business, I've learned not to ask too many questions.
— The Commander

Red, more commonly referred to by rank as The Commander, was a human Battlemaster and former commanding officer of the Chain of Acheron. He was played by Lars.


As a Battlemaster and Commander of the Chain, Red excelled at making strategic decisions.


The Commander's ability scores were as follows:

18 (+4) 14 (+2) 15 (+2) 10 (+0) 13 (+1) 13 (+1)

The Commander was a fifth-level Fighter, with the Battlemaster Martial Archetype. As a human, the Commander is also able to sense the presence of magic and/or undead within 30 feet.


Early Life[]

Born Gustav[1], little is known about Red's early life, except that he made his home in Rask before joining the Chain of Acheron.[2]

Working for the Chain[]

At some point during his service to the Chain, Red achieved the position of Standard Bearer. He also sponsored King into the Chain, and the two grew to be close, each serving as a confidant to the other.[2]

While under the command of Commander Trip, the Chain was hired by the Lady of Brass to defeat the army of the rebellious General Xorn. At the Battle at the Doors of Morning, Trip was killed, and Red took up his sword, quickly becoming recognized as the new Commander.[2]

In service to Lady Sariel[]

Sometime after the events in Alloy, The Chain undertook a contract by order of Duke Kenway, in alliance with Lady Sariel, to kill the archwizard Mortum, a pawn of the Saint Ajax the Invincible. The signing of this contract was witnessed by Sariel herself. Red and his lieutenant, Sweet, were given five arrows of Zodiakol that were capable of piercing the many wards protecting Mortum.

Red Sky at Morning(Episode 1)[]

The Commander and his senior officers attempted to assassinate Mortum, Ajax's wizard. During the mission, they were deceived, and Ajax arrived and summoned a demon, Relg. Relg grabbed the Commander, killed him, and devoured his corpse. Moments later, Sweet received a field promotion and was now the Commander.

The God Factor(Episode 5)[]

Relg… Relg has mastered me...
— Red

In a moment of arrogance, Nails attempted to resurrect Red and restore him as the Commander of the Chain but overestimated his abilities and Red returned as a devoured, undead lich. Because of his, Nails passed out and was Sweet's opportunity to end Nails' life. As a result, Red's soul returns into the hands of Relg.

The Mad God's Pawns(Episode 12)[]

The Lord of Madness creates a manifestation of Red through the memories of the senior officers as part of his many traps, as well as Sweet and Nails. The deceased senior officers sit at a table playing a game of cards before the Chain of Acheron arrive. As Leech quickly falls to the deception, the party initiate combat against an Adult Oblex.

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  • Red was created by Lars as a fake player character after being approached by Matt with the idea of the leader of the party being planned to die during the first session of The Chain in order to set the tone of the adventure.