— Ox

Ox is a retainer of Boots and a member of the Chain of Acheron. As a retainer, he is played by both Töm and Matt.


Ox is a dragonborn, though how he was born is a mystery. He is not the talkative type, a sharp contrast to his superior.


Ox is a fifth-level Knight Sorcerer, a retainer of the Fighter class found in Strongholds & Followers.


Ox is a dragonborn, and as such, was born out of sorcery. However, how he was created is unknown, and he himself has not been forthcoming with the details surrounding his birth.[1]

Ox was among the Chain members who survived Ajax's attack on Blackbottom, boarding the Rosso Cielo along with the remaining members.

The Library Job(Episode 15)[]

Ox was asked by King to investigate the Shadow attacks at the Prince's Footstool.

Behind the Scenes[]

Ox is a retainer of Boots, who uses the Knight-Sorcerer rules found on page 75 of Strongholds & Followers.