Orden Map.png
Orden map by /u/Braincain007

Orden, also know as the Mundane World or Manifold 1, is the world in which the Chain campaign and Dusk campaign take place. It is named after Ord, the deity who is believed to have created the world and is revered by the Dwarves.

There are 8 regions in Orden: Vasloria, Vanigar, Higara, Khemhara, Phaedros, Khoursir, Ix, and Rioja.

The city of Capital, located in the region of Rioja, is currently the largest city in the Timescape, despite being situated in the Mundane World.

There are several sapient species known to be native to Orden:

  • Humans
  • Elves
    • Elf-creations like Centaurs and Lesser Elves
  • Dwarves
  • Goblinoids
  • Giants

Behind the Scenes

There currently exists no official maps of Orden, though smaller maps of certain regions and many fan-made maps of the world exist.

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