Nikros is strength. He is dominance. His is the right of the strong to rule over the weak. He is the Tyrant.

Nikros believes that strength is the only virtue, and those who are born strong were born to rule. Because of this, followers of Nikros are often mistaken for followers of Adun—a mask they are happy to wear. Both teach that strength is good. But for Adun strength is honest. For Nikros, strength is power to enact your will heedless of the consequences.

Nikros is the god of Tyrants. Many is the Baron or Duke who attained power through sheer strength and ruthlessness, seeing their people as mere resources to be spent. Often such men only come to Nikros after achieving power, their ears poisoned by a priest of The Tyrant.

Though he and Cyrvis are brothers, Nikros hates Cyrvis because Cyrvis is feeble and weak. Both teach that strength is the only virtue. But Cyrvis teaches that the weak can exploit treachery and sorcery to become strong. Nikros spits upon these feeble men, and preaches to the strong to take what is theirs by right.

Like Cyrvis, his priests worship in secret. Like Cyrvis, men hate followers of Nikros, while often admiring them. The bully always has his sycophants.

His Paladins are blackguards. Black Knights who take what they want, ignoring the law, heedless of consequence, and teach that all men should live thus. To subjugate one’s will to the law, or the community, or the family, is to be weak! Weakness is a disease and it must be eradicated!

Saints of Nikros[]

  • Melianus The Bright Duke
  • Thomas The Judge
  • Correx The High General
  • Pentalion The Justicar
  • Hylae The Corrupt