Five arrows is a waste of four arrows... because you'll only get one shot.
— The Count of Rend

Nekodemus, the Baron of Bedegar is a half-orc eldritch knight and a member of The Shield of Gravesford. He serves as a vassal to Duke Kenway of Dalrath, ruling over the Barony of Bedegar in Vasloria from Castle Rend.


The Shield Of Gravesford[]

Nekodemus and The Shield of Gravesford wrested control of Broken Spire Keep from the orc warlord Bonebreaker Dorokor. In the process, they rescued the young Baron of Bedegar, Lord Edmund. Both to legitimize the occupation of the castle and to prevent Lady Avelina, Knight of the Coals, from seizing the Shield of Aendrim, Edmund made Nekodemus the Count of Rend, the first to hold such a title in living memory. Broken Spire Keep was then renamed to Castle Rend.

The Siege of Castle Rend[]

When Lord Saxton and his army marched on Castle Rend, Nekodemus gave then-Baron Kenway of Dalrath the Shield. Kenway murdered the young Baron of Bedegar, knowing that in the coming conflict with Ajax the Invincible, he would need the support of a stronger, more battle-hardened Baron like Nekodemus behind him.

The Fall of the Chain[]

Nekodemus acted as a witness at the meeting between Lady Sariel, Duke Kenway and the senior officers of The Chain that brokered the Chain's contract to assassinate the wizard Mortum.

Nekodemus was authorized to verify the completion of the Final Contract and pay The Chain their reward in the event of the death of Duke Kenway.[1]

Character Information[]

Notable Items[]

Current items[]

  • Wound - a powerful black-iron greataxe taken from Bonebreaker Dorokor

Former Items[]


Behind the Scenes[]

Nekodemus was a player character in Matt's previous campaign, played by EJ.