Mortum is a human wizard who serves as Archwizard to Saint Ajax the Invincible. He is described as a human prone to wearing fine vestments and a signature silver skull cap.[Citation needed]


Mortum is said to have unlocked the magical knowledge necessary to raise a sky-elf city back to the sky. From this lofty position Ajax and his Hawk Lords have conquered most of Vasloria.

The Archwizard is the target of The Chain of Acheron's final contract. The Chain was hired by Duke Kenway of Dalrath to kill Mortum.

Red Sky at Morning(Episode 1)[]

Upon boarding the Rosso Cielo in an attempt to escape Blackbottom the chain encounters Mortum flying 1000 feet away that bombards an unnamed galleon with fire based battle magic, causing the ship to sink. Another ship attempting to flee Blackbottom, The Sparrow, was soon after destroyed by a mass of giant tentacles though it is unclear if this was the work of Mortum or another entity.