There are a few templates set up to make referencing episode data easier.

Template Use
Template:Ep_name Returns the name of an episode nicely printed
Template:Cite vod Use this to cite an episode or a particular time in an episode
Template:Episode sidebar An automatically-updated sidebar for an episode
Template:New episode Used via substitution to create a new episode page
Template:Ep airdate Returns the airdate of an episode
Template:Ep pretty airdate Returns a long airdate for an episode (substituted into article pages)
Template:Ep vodlinks Returns vod links for an episode in short format (for "List of Episodes" pages)
Template:Ep verbose vodlinks Returns a bullet-point list of episode vods (for "Links" sections on episode pages)
Template:Ep list Returns an episode list for a show (for "List of Episodes") pages
Template:Ep raw Returns other metadata about an episode (not widely used)

Adding new episodes to these templates

To add new data to all these templates, go to Module:EpisodeData and update the large table there with the new data. As soon as you make a change here, it's reflected on every page where the above templates are used.

Creating a new episode page

This template can be used via substitution to start a new episode article.


Before you begin, make sure that the episode you want to create an article for has an entry in Module:EpisodeData. The entry must at minimum have a "name" and an "airdate".

Creating a new episode article

Go to List of Episodes and click on the red link for the new episode. Use the source code editor to enter this code into the page:

{{subst:New episode|chain|15}} 

where "chain" is the show's code from Module:EpisodeData and "15" is the number of the episode. Save the page and a new episode article will be created.


Module:Episode is the code that drives the templates. You can use this to add new types of templates.