This page lists the retainers to the senior officers of the Chain of Acheron. Most are also junior officers.

At the time of King's speech, there were about 12 members of the Chain who were neither senior officers nor retainers. This includes rankers and perhaps some junior officers.[1]


Retainers are the second-in-command of their respective senior officer and often promoted to the rank of senior officer if their officer is killed or has left the Chain. When the players first make their characters, they obtain a number of retainers equal to their Charisma modifier. The rules of retainers match the ones found in Strongholds & Followers.

Retainers of King[]

Red had only one retainer in the Chain, King. After his death, King was promoted but did not receive any retainers of his own.[2]

Retainers of Judge[]

Having the highest charisma in the senior officer ranks, Judge has five retainers.

  • Two-Shoes is a Phaedran human justicar and the Treasurer of the Chain.
  • Flea is a Gol human skinwalker.
  • Buts is a half-elven conjurer and the Staff Sorcerer of the Chain.
  • Cook is a halfling cutpurse.
  • Toad is an Ixian human beast lord.

Retainers of Boots[]

Nails had four retainers in the Chain, the three listed below as well as Boots. After his death, Boots was promoted and Nails' retainers are now his.

  • Ox is a dragonborn knight-sorcerer.
  • Roach is a half-elven exorcist.
  • Worm is a halfling troubador-warrior.

Retainers of Slim[]

Sweet had only one retainer in the Chain, Angel. After his death, Angel was not promoted as the new senior officer but was instead made the retainer of Slim.[2]

  • Angel is a halfling executioner.

Retainers of Copper[]

Copper doesn't have any charisma bonus, so he doesn't have any retainers.


  1. In the fifth Chronicle entry, King states there are less than 30 members of the Chain after Episode 6. Since then two more have died from Shadows. 28 minus the five senior officers and the nine retainers equals 12.
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