This page lists all the episodes of the YouTube web series Running the Game.

Running the Game[]

No. in seriesTitleAirdateVOD links
1Your First Adventure(Episode 1)Feb 21, 2016T, Y
2Your First Session(Episode 2)Feb 21, 2016T, Y
3Running your First Dungeon(Episode 3)Feb 21, 2016T, Y
4Making Characters(Episode 4)Feb 28, 2016T, Y
5Why Do We Play D&D?(Episode 5)Mar 02, 2016T, Y
6Campaign 101, Your Town(Episode 6)Mar 07, 2016T, Y
7Dead Ends(Episode 7)Mar 10, 2016T, Y
8The Sociology of D&D(Episode 8)Mar 14, 2016T, Y
9The DM Screen(Episode 9)Mar 21, 2016T, Y
10The Deck of Many Things(Episode 10)Mar 24, 2016T, Y
11Different Kinds of Players(Episode 11)Mar 28, 2016T, Y
12The Sandbox vs the Railroad(Episode 12)Apr 04, 2016T, Y
13Catastrophic Failure(Episode 13)Apr 18, 2016T, Y
14Alignment(Episode 14)May 02, 2016T, Y
15Bad Guys!(Episode 15)May 09, 2016T, Y
16Random Encounters(Episode 16)Jun 07, 2016T, Y
17Miniatures!(Episode 17)Jul 11, 2016T, Y
18Story Vs Adventure(Episode 18)Jun 20, 2016T, Y
19Information(Episode 19)Jul 18, 2016T, Y
20Terrain!(Episode 20)Aug 29, 2016T, Y
21Skill Challenges!(Episode 21)Oct 13, 2016T, Y
22NPCs!(Episode 22)Oct 05, 2016T, Y
23Politics 101, The Central Tension(Episode 23)Oct 29, 2016T, Y
24The Politics of Peace(Episode 24)Nov 07, 2016T, Y
25NPCs 2! High Level NPCs, Followers, and DMPCs(Episode 25)Nov 18, 2016T, Y
26Sandboxing!(Episode 26)Nov 28, 2016T, Y
27Using 4E to make 5E Combat more fun!(Episode 27)Dec 30, 2016T, Y
28Fantasy vs Fiction(Episode 28)Jan 18, 2017T, Y
29Explaining vs Engaging(Episode 29)Jan 31, 2017T, Y
30The West Marches(Episode 30)Feb 13, 2017T, Y
31TIME, Part One(Episode 31)Mar 01, 2017T, Y
32Slog(Episode 32)Mar 06, 2017T, Y
33Losing(Episode 33)Mar 25, 2017T, Y
34Time and Calendars(Episode 34)Apr 29, 2017T, Y
35Verbs!(Episode 35)May 15, 2017T, Y
36Funhouse Dungeons: White Plume Mountain(Episode 36)Dec 12, 2017T, Y
37Prepping An Adventure + Contest!(Episode 37)Jun 26, 2017T, Y
38An Alternate Initiative System(Episode 38)Jun 29, 2017T, Y
39Cinematics(Episode 39)Jul 04, 2017T, Y
40Diplomacy(Episode 40)Jul 16, 2017T, Y
41Monkeying With Monsters(Episode 41)Aug 01, 2017T, Y
42On Rails(Episode 42)Aug 07, 2017T, Y
43Surrender(Episode 43)Aug 11, 2017T, Y
44Challenge Rating(Episode 44)Aug 23, 2017T, Y
45Undead(Episode 45)Sep 05, 2017T, Y
46Let's Start In A Tavern!(Episode 46)Sep 14, 2017T, Y
47Undead Again!(Episode 47)Sep 18, 2017T, Y
48Dice Math(Episode 48)Oct 02, 2017T, Y
49The Climax of Critical Role, Season One, and "Mistakes"(Episode 49)Oct 08, 2017T, Y
50Vecna & Running Epic Bad Guys(Episode 50)Nov 07, 2017T, Y
51Pitching Your Campaign(Episode 51)Jan 21, 2018T, Y
52Red Hand of Doom!(Episode 52)Feb 04, 2018T, Y
53Hobgobglins & Low Level Play!(Episode 53)Feb 05, 2018T, Y
54Campaign Setting: Birthright(Episode 54)Feb 13, 2018T, Y
55Range and Altitude in Three Dimensions(Episode 55)Feb 23, 2018T, Y
56Metagaming(Episode 56)Mar 26, 2018T, Y
57Problem Players(Episode 57)Apr 21, 2018T, Y
58Making Travel Interesting(Episode 58)May 22, 2018T, Y
59Speeding Up Combat(Episode 59)Jun 04, 2018T, Y
60The Monster Wrangler(Episode 60)Jun 17, 2018T, Y
61Dead Empires(Episode 61)Jul 08, 2018T, Y
62Your First Town(Episode 62)Jul 23, 2018T, Y
63Let's Build an Adventure(Episode 63)Aug 04, 2018T, Y
64On Being A Good Player(Episode 64)Aug 23, 2018T, Y
65On Being An Evil Character(Episode 65)Sep 26, 2018T, Y
66Let's Split The Party!(Episode 66)Oct 03, 2018T, Y
67Fudging Die Rolls(Episode 67)Oct 10, 2018T, Y
68Let's Kill A PC!(Episode 68)Oct 31, 2018T, Y
69The Dungeon(Episode 69)Nov 30, 2018T, Y
70Tactics and Strategy(Episode 70)Dec 20, 2018T, Y
71Break Your Heart(Episode 71)Jan 15, 2019T, Y
72Pitching Your Character(Episode 72)Jan 21, 2019T, Y
73The Handout(Episode 73)Feb 19, 2019T, Y
74Orcs Attack!(Episode 74)Mar 13, 2019T, Y
75Onboarding(Episode 75)Apr 07, 2019T, Y
76The Wangrod Defense(Episode 76)Apr 15, 2019T, Y
77The B Plot(Episode 77)Apr 22, 2019T, Y
78Law vs Chaos(Episode 78)Apr 30, 2019T, Y
79Betrayal(Episode 79)May 06, 2019T, Y
80The Politics of War(Episode 80)May 24, 2019T, Y
81The Local Area(Episode 81)Jun 25, 2019T, Y
82Collaborating With A Player(Episode 82)Jul 23, 2019T, Y
83Roleplaying(Episode 83)Aug 31, 2019T, Y
84Action Oriented Monsters(Episode 84)Oct 15, 2019T, Y
85Inspiration(Episode 85)Oct 15, 2019T, Y
86Downtime(Episode 86)Oct 15, 2019T, Y
87Skill Dogpiling(Episode 87)Oct 15, 2019T, Y
88Many Fail States(Episode 88)Mar 11, 2020T, Y