This page lists all the episodes of the main The Chain show and the supporting Chain Reaction and Worldbuilding shows.

The Chain[]

No. in seriesTitleAirdateVOD linksTactical StreamCampaign Diary
1Red Sky at Morning(Episode 1)Jan 30, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
2Soldier Take Warning(Episode 2)Feb 06, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
3Sailors on the Sea of Stars(Episode 3)Feb 13, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
4A Dark Dream(Episode 4)Feb 20, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
5The God Factor(Episode 5)Feb 27, 2019T, YYouTube
6The Changeling(Episode 6)Mar 06, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
7The HRP Broad Sword(Episode 7)Mar 13, 2019T, YYouTube
8Arrival(Episode 8)Mar 20, 2019T, YYouTube
9At the Sign of the Dreaming Pharaoh(Episode 9)Mar 27, 2019T, Y
10The Underdark Job(Episode 10)Apr 03, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
11The Temple of Antisanity(Episode 11)Apr 10, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
12The Mad God's Pawns(Episode 12)Apr 17, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
13The Lord of Madness(Episode 13)Apr 24, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
14Angel's Report(Episode 14)May 01, 2019T, YYouTube
15The Library Job(Episode 15)May 08, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
16The Crypt of House Sibelius(Episode 16)May 15, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
17Chain's King to Dragon Three(Episode 17)May 29, 2019T, YYouTube
18The Sun Elf(Episode 18)Jun 05, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
19A Sapphire Sky(Episode 19)Jun 12, 2019T, YYouTube
20Ringwell Awaits(Episode 20)Jun 19, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
21"Ballisantirax dreams...."(Episode 21)Jun 26, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
22The Daughter of Time(Episode 22)Jul 24, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
23Idle Hands(Episode 23)Jul 31, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
24The Devil's Work(Episode 24)Aug 07, 2019T, YYouTube
25The Autophage(Episode 25)Aug 21, 2019T, YYouTubeYouTube
26No Confidence(Episode 26)Aug 28, 2019T, YYouTube
27The Book of Judge(Episode 27)Sep 20, 2019T, YYouTube

The Chain - Extra[]

No. in seriesTitleAirdateVOD linksTactical StreamCampaign Diary
1Creating the Heist Characters(Episode 1)Sep 04, 2019T, Y
2Interlude: The Patron(Episode 2)Dec 04, 2019T, Y


No. in seriesTitleVOD links
1Creating a Pantheon, Culture First(Episode 1)T, Y
2Gods and Culture(Episode 2)T, Y
3Saints(Episode 3)T, Y
4The Lords of Capital Part One(Episode 4)T, Y
5The Lords of Capital Part Two(Episode 5)T, Y
6Power Centers of Capital(Episode 6)T, Y
7The Demographics of Capital(Episode 7)T, Y
8The Demography of Capital, Part II(Episode 8)T, Y
9The City of Capital(Episode 9)T, Y
10The Lords of Capital, Part Three(Episode 10)T, Y
11Building Capital; The Docks(Episode 11)T, Y
12Character Subplots for The Chain(Episode 12)T, Y
13Designing the Enemy Party(Episode 13)T, Y

Chain Reaction[]

No. in seriesTitleAirdateVOD links
1Chain Reaction Episode 1(Episode 1)Feb 12, 2019T, Y
2Discussing The Chain Eps 1-6 with Tom & Töm(Episode 2)Mar 18, 2019T, Y