I've been looking after my ship- uh, your ship, sirs.
— Leech

Leech is a warlock and a senior officer of the Chain of Acheron. He is played by O'D.


Leech is a tall Drow, around 6'2". He is middle-aged and has obsidian skin, silver hair, and very red eyes. He is often covered in viscera from his work and is hounded at all times by an imp, his familiar Odie.


Leech's ability scores are as follows:

8 (-1) 16 (+3) 14 (+2) 13 (+1) 10 (+0) 16 (+3)

Leech is a seventh level Pact of the Chain Warlock, which means some of his abilities have to do with his connection to his familiar, Odie. Leech's Warlock Patron is the Celestial, a patron from Xanathar's Guide to Everything.

Leech wields the Sapphire Rod, a Pact Rod made of Sinmetal.

As the Ship Surgeon of the Chain, he is able to rush to his allies and attempt to heal them as a reaction to them falling unconscious.


Leech was part of the group that escaped Blackbottom on the Rosso Cielo when Ajax's forces attacked, after the failed assassination of Mortum.

His admiration for the Somnium Tenebris brings him into some tension with Slim. He often spends downtime caring for the ship, this has become part of his role as the Ship Surgeon.

Odie the Imp is bound to Leech as a punishment from his drow matron. Their relationship is antagonistic, with Odie sometimes needing to be coerced into following Leech's instructions. Leech is in exile after having refused to follow orders from his matron - this is a high crime in drow society. Leech escaped by begging for aid, his patron responded and made Leech a warlock. Leech's matron interferes with his warlock/patron connection, causing him to receive the imp instead of his "proper" familiar.

The Underdark Job[]

Leech was brought along on the Underdark Job for his knowledge of the World Below. He assisted Slim in navigating the Sunless Sea to the Temple of Antisanity, and used Odie to great effect as an advance scout once there.

No Confidence(Episode 26)[]

Leech was promoted to the ranks of senior officer by King as his final act before giving up the rank of commander.

Behind the Scenes[]

Leech is a drow warlock played by O'D. He was introduced as a guest player character in “The Underdark Job(Episode 10) and became a regular player character following the Chain's mission in the Temple of Antisanity.