The Lady of Brass, also known as Xavixia the Fire Queen, is an adventurer who was formerly the ruler of Alloy, the largest city on the plane of Quintessence. She employed the Chain of Acheron as her private army for three years.[1] She now resides in the Ruby Desert in Vasloria.


When the Lady of Brass was ruler of Alloy, her general, Xorn, betrayed her and turned her armies against her. The Lady turned to famed mercenary company the Chain of Acheron for assistance. The Chain defeated Xorn and his rebels in the Battle at the Doors of Morning, returning Alloy to the Lady's control.[1]

The Lady of Brass continued to employ the Chain as her private army for the next three years, taking them on her varied adventures throughout the timescape. The Chain's senior command cautioned her about leaving Alloy unattended so often, but she ignored the warnings. So it came to pass that while she was with the Chain in the World Below, aiding the deep gnomes of Xanxarite in the defense of their city, a fire dwarf called Yxmic conquered Alloy, most of whose residents fled or were killed in the aftermath.[1]

Blaming the Chain for the loss of the city, the Lady of Brass dismissed the mercenary company and returned to her impregnable fortress at the heart of Alloy, raising it up and departing with it for the Mundane World. Once there, she travelled to Vasloria, where she battled Ajax to a standstill and landed her fortress in the barony of Oll. Raising a mountain range for her protection, she slowly transformed the once-lush barony into the Ruby Desert.[2]

Years later, the Lady of Brass sent her appointed knight, Mardun, to recruit soldiers so that she can battle Ajax again.

Behind the Scenes

Although the Lady of Brass is a non-player character created by Matt Colville, she is voiced by Fryda Wolff when King called upon his patron and inadvertently heard from the Lady of Brass. An audio clip of her dialogue can be found here.


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