Lady Czorgan, the Death Knight, is a powerful minion associated with the Codex Mortis.


Early History[]

In life Lady Czorgan was Empress Wu Jiao's greatest general. After the fall of the Wu dynasty, Empress Wu found a way to restore Czorgan to some form of unlife. In doing so Czorgan became bound to the Codex Mortis. In this state she is a servant to whomever holds the Codex. This has twisted Czorgan into a being of hatred and resentment.

The Chain[]

Lady Czorgan appears in a cut scene during Red Sky at Morning. She appears to be working for another undead being whom we assume is The Dead Lady of Capital.

Lady Czorgan appears again in No Confidence while the Chain of Acheron is meeting with Zorj, the commander of The Word and the primary representative of the Prince's authority in the district of Collinsgate. She threatens Zorj that, if he does not hand over the rod of Count Rodar von Glauer (at that time in Boots' possession), she'll burn out his brain. After deliberation, the Chain decides to intervene in order to help Zorj and keep the rod, but they're worried that she will just be summoned again instantly, meaning that Zorj will never be safe. In The Book of Judge, the Chain meets with Duke Marco Vorona and learn that Lady Czorgan would take a month to be resummoned with the Codex Mortis after being defeated and banished. Satisfied with this, they and the Word confront Lady Czorgan at the courthouse in Collinsgate. They first try to convince her to resolve their dispute in a more civilized manner, but when that fails, they attack her all at once and strike her down before she has a chance to act. The fight ends with Slim striking her down in a whirlwind of blades, causing her to explode in a flash of ultraviolet light.

Behind the Scenes[]

Lady Czorgan appears in Strongholds & Followers under the for the Codex Mortis. She is a follower who the bearer of the Codex Mortis controls.