Lady Avelina, Knight of the Coals[1], is a knight in service to Kenway, Duke of Aendrim. She is an ally of the Shield of Gravesford.


Lady Avelina has been a part of the Knights of the Coals in service to Kenway back when he was only the Baron of Dalrath.

When staying with Tace in his Instant Fortress, she encounters the Shield of Gravesford and later learns that they possess the Shield of Aendrim on them. Recognizing its potential if Kenway were to have the artifact, she demands the shield, but Tace suggests to keep the shield with the mercenary company as it will be safe with a group nobody knows about.

Some time later, when the Shield of Gravesford have rescued Edmund, the party sends a letter to Kenway asking for aid. Kenway sends Lady Avelina to escort the kid to Dalrath for protection. Once again, Avelina demands for the Shield of Aendrim, but she was thwarted by Edmund, who made the shield's keeper, Nekodemus, the Count of Rend, and there by making Nekodemus outrank the knight.

The Siege of Castle Rend[]

Lady Avelina, alongside Kenway and Edmund arrive at Castle Rend before Lord Saxton's attack to lend support to Nekodemus and Edmund. In return, Edmund will swear fealty to Kenway as the Duke of Aendrim. After some discussion, Edmund agrees and Kenway asks Avelina to perform the ceremony, and murders Edmund, making Nekodemus the new Baron of Bedegar.

The Night Before...[]

While Lady Avelina was not present when the Final Contract was formed, if Kenway were to pass away before the contract was complete, Avelina will be given the responsibility to reward the Chain of Acheron for the assassination of Mortum.

The Festive Goblin[]

Lady Avelina encounters Sir Vanazor and his companions Dusk in The Festive Goblin Inn after they group slew a group of dwarven slavers there. She thanked them and ensured that their room and meals were paid for, stating that a knight of Good King Omund and his companions were welcome in Lord Kenway's lands.