Kollar, or the Sinmetal, is an ore found in the World Below imbued with magical properties. The sinmetal is typically used by creatures native to the World Below to negate their sunlight sensitively.


As Above, So Below[]

For disobeying orders, the battlemaster Vorrikus was sent to the World Below as a slave to mine kollar for the duerger. A year later, he and Edric mine some kollar and cause a cave-in, allowing the two to escape the World Below.

A few weeks later, Vorrikus and Edric were at an excavation at Castle Greywall to retrieve the Mirror of Gilmarra. While they were successful, the next day several duerger appear from a hidden entrance armed with kollar-forged armor and weapons. Despite their best efforts, Sir Razalaxx and Edric were taken by the duerger to the World Below, with the mirror.

Vorrikus later meets up with The Revenant Vow and The Shield of Gravesford and warns them about the metal, and joins the ratcatchers to the World Below.

The Chain of Acheron[]

After getting an invitation to Sumat Pol's magic shop, the Chain of Acheron's senior officers brought a variety of magical items. Leech decides to buy enough kollar to forge either some armor (because of the drow's sunlight sensitively) or a weapon (to absorb Mortum's spells in an upcoming battle).

He later decides to forge armor and leaves the ore to Buts while he joins the senior officers in the Library Job.


Unlike most metals, kollar has different properties determined by how the ore is forged.

In its ore form, kollar is both lighter and softer than rock and causes many cave-ins if a large vein is mined.

As an armor, the metal will negate any creatures' innate sunlight sensitively. If worn by a Duergar, the armor also enhances their innate magical resistance.

As a weapon, the metal can absorb spells (as well as poisons and illusions)[1] if the user makes a successful save against the effect. The next time the weapon hits a creature, the stored effect is automatically inflicted upon its target.

Behind the Scenes[]

Kollar is a metal created by Matt Colville for his one-on-one session with Gertz, and later reused in the Chain. Interestingly, Matt only came up with the idea of kollar the hour before the game begun[2].