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King Omund, popularly known as Good King Omund, was the last king of the region of Vasloria. He was killed by Ajax more than fifty years ago.


Good King Omund was the architect of the last Age of Law in Vasloria. He united the Dukes of Vasloria and repelled the encroaching chaos of the wilderness from his realm. His court wizard, Vitae, created the incorruptible Dragon Phalanx to uphold law and Justice throughout the kingdom.

Unfortunately, one member of the Dragon Phalanx, Mandrake, captain of the Brass Dragonflight, was corrupted. He betrayed Omund, killing Vitae with a bloodmetal sword and turning over the secrets of Omund's defenses to Ajax the Invincible. With this knowledge, Ajax was able to kill Good King Omund in his 75th year.[1]