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The Thaumocracy of Khoursir, also known as the Hazar, are a people of Orden, who inhabit the long, thin desert that abuts the western slopes of the Myr Mountains. The desert, named Khoursir after the inhabitants, runs from frozen desert wastes in the North to heat blasted sand in the South. It is said to be "the land of magic and demons".

300 years ago the Khoursir were nomads and raiders, separated into various tribes. Their way of life was changed when the Iron Wizards united these tribes, and they began to work to build a new civilization. Now, the Thaumocracy are among the most advanced human societies in the world, possessing sophisticated mathematics, astronomy, and a devotion to experimentation verging on the scientific. The Khorsarians understand optics and anatomy, making their telescopes and medicine the best in the world. In Khorsir, mathematics is considered another branch of magic and now very fashionable.

The Hazar have a different relationship to demons than most cultures, they do not ascribe the same negative connotations to the creatures. Their native term is Djinn and they believe all of nature is populated by Djinns, who are responsible for most natural phenomenon. The Hazar pantheon is populated by thousands of Djinn as well as the Sun, the father god; the High Moon, the bride of god; and the two Sons of God, the Dawn Moon and the Dusk Moon. The Hazar believe these gods created the world but are absent from it, the Djinns overseeing life on Orden.[1]